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Client :
Gatehouse building interior
Llanwern Steelworks
Project Description :

The concept for this building was to subtly showcase Corus’ many products. The building is a series of simple interconnecting boxes which overlap to create entrance spaces and accommodation areas within single and double height spaces. The two boxes are pinned together by a product wall displaying Corus’ many manufactured goods.

The product wall forms a backdrop to the main entrance space and acts as a focal point for passing vehicles. The wall is sectionalised in 1 metre wide bays, each bay showcasing Corus’ wide range of products and materials.

Products, such as are steel tubing, pipework, railway tracks etc are cut into 600 mm pieces and stacked on top of each other within the 1 metre bay. A different product is used for each bay. The bays could be individually lit bringing drama to the building at night. A corten Steel staircase runs alongside the product wall.

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