New Students' Union Animated Fly Through
Rio Visulisation - Animation
Animation :

3D animations give us the opportunity to experiment with and explore and analyse our designs whilst considering the possibility of using different types of textures, colours and materials etc. Riovisual have produced animations for varying reasons.

Many of our animations have been produced for inclusion within websites to market a forthcoming building. For instance, our animation for the RIBA award winning Student Union Centre at the University of Glamorgan was incorporated into the student union website to inform students of how their new student union would look and feel. This coupled with the webcam allowed the students to follow the progress of the development of their scheme - Click the image opposite to view.

Movies can be 'flown around' and viewed from any angle to give an accurate impression of the layout and surroundings. The buildings and environment can be lit to assess sun paths and to show how a building might appear at different times of the day or night.

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