• Client Watkin Jones Group

  • Type Student Accommodation

  • Location Bath

Avon Studios is a student accommodation development that includes private residential studios, social areas and study zones. Rio was engaged to deliver a contemporary and ultra-modern décor, maximising efficiency while delivering engaging usable spaces that would 'feel like home’. Specific design strategies were required for the student accommodation studios, private residential studios and communal areas. 

In a highly competitive market, the aspiration for the overall scheme was to create memorable spaces to be enjoyed. The contemporary décor is established with clean, architectural lines, subtle sophistication and deliberate use of textures. With a focus on spatial analysis and a complementary colour palette, it seeks to achieve a sleek, fresh, open-space environment. 

Using this design strategy, social spaces were created to hit the right balance between style and functionality, feeling like an extension of the private studios and encouraging residents to use the space as a living area, enforcing the sense of ‘home’.

The ultra-modern design of the studios maximises the available light. The colour palette, textures and furniture were all chosen to strengthen the sense of space and usability. The resulting scheme differentiates itself from its competitors through attention to detail and its consistent design strategy.

Project timescale – August 2017 completion July 2018.