• Client Deryn Properties

  • Type Workplace

  • Location Baglan

The requirements for this development included sharing facilities, minimising internal travel distances and creating an efficient floor plate. Our solution was a two-storey design divided into three simple elements; a large wing containing the bulk of the clinical accommodation, a smaller wing containing the shared facilities and a central hub housing the patient waiting area and reception.

The “hub” separates the surgery’s public and private spaces, providing access to the main vertical and horizontal circulation. All other accommodation springs from this point via a simple, easily navigable corridor system.

Both winged elements are orientated with their long elevations facing due east and west, presenting their smallest aspect to the midday sun. The end elevations contain little fenestration due to the configuration of the internal accommodation. The resulting drop in mid-day solar gain significantly reduces the need for cooling, which in turn reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

In order to create an easily identifiable entrance to the facility, the southern end of the small wing is cranked, revealing the inner hub. This produces opportunities for signage and its overhang also provides shelter for visitors. Supplemented by north-orientated glazed roof lights, the exposed section of the hub is glazed, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the building.

The external façade reflects both the simplicity of the floor plan and the building’s landscaped backdrop with each wing clad in three different coloured metal panels.