• Client University of South Wales

  • Type Education

  • Location Pontypridd

Two separate new facilities have been created as part of this project. The first is a new Aircraft Maintenance Engineering teaching facility (AME), the second is a new Research and Development Centre for Automotive and Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE).

The CAPSE is a 1000m² two-storey new build structure built in close proximity (but not linked) to AME. The building accommodates laboratories, offices and demonstration zones catering for day-to-day engineering staff and visiting clients.

AME is a 1000m² two-storey extension of the existing School of Engineering building that will cater to this expanding curriculum. The accommodation includes new workshops, classrooms and research laboratories. The building has been designed as a showcase for the department and the activities, systems and machinery within it, which includes a fully assembled twin-engine aeroplane.

Topography was a constraining factor in the design and construction of the AME building, which was formed into a steeply sloping bank. Noisy engineering activities were located to the rear of the plan to take advantage of the natural acoustic buffering properties of the hillside.