• Client Gwalia

  • Type Residential, Master planning

  • Location Swansea

The construction of a new stadium for Swansea City left a large area of unused space within a residential area near the popular seafront. Rio developed a masterplan for the area in conjunction with Grwp Gwalia to provide much-needed housing and new public facilities.

Architectural hierarchy is reinforced with the considered placement of function and scale. Public buildings are located at key vistas and define the hub of key social spaces, while three and four-storey elements are introduced at strategic locations in the streetscape.

The masterplan proposes to ‘mend’ places and re-engage disenfranchised parts of the existing townscape. Enhancements include the extension of one road as a primary route through the development, the engagement of the ‘backlands’ play area on an adjacent street and the reinstatement of gardens to existing properties currently blighted by the existing football stands. The removal of inactive dead spaces and the introduction of active streetscapes will increase the attractiveness of cycling and walking in such areas. Passive supervision of the street will instil a greater sense of security and promote active social interaction.